Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UFC SHOP WORLD "Heavy Knockout Deals"

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Are You Ready? Are You Ready? Lets Get It On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted on November 12, 1993 under Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG). In this tournament, experts in different martial arts disciplines would face off against one another to determine which style was best in a cage called "The Octagon". The way to win is by submission, knockout, or referree stoppage. Early UFC had few rules and restrictions which eventually lead to more criticisms and scrutiny from critics. In 2001, SEG became bankrupt and was then taken over by Zuffa LLC. By then, Nevada State Athletic Commission oversaw UFC events and gave credibility to the media, particularly the cable companies who carry their pay-per-view events. Because of the more strict rules and restrictions that were modified from the early UFC, the popularity of UFC increased tremendously, thereby shedding it's early brutality image. However, this does not totally wipe out criticisms from the public. At one time, such critic was United States Senator John McCain, a boxing fan, thought UFC fights were similar to "human cockfighting". So, let me ask you readers again, Is Ultimate Fighting Championship, Brutality or Sport? Well, let me give you my opinion. However, my opinion will probably be biased due to the fact that I have been an avid UFC fan since it began. I believe that UFC is not brutal it is merely just like any other competition sports out there. The competitors go through hard training, discipline, preparation, and has one main goal in their mind which is to win. Why is it brutal? Boxing for example, has had several deaths in the past years related to injuries from the sport, while UFC has had none. Football and basketball, I believe has had more serious injuries than UFC. Despite the perception of UFC as a brutal engagement, injuries are relatively minor and rare. According to the promoter and president of UFC, Dana White, "we've never had a serious injury", "and what I consider injury is something that changes the quality of your life", "I think the most serious injury we had was a broken forearm". Is UFC a sport? Actually, when I watch UFC events, I see it as more than just a sport. Fighters go out there showing respect to each other. I see more of the spiritual side of the game. I see the art, I see the discipline, the courage, the passion, and the competetiveness of each fighter very proud to represent their Art, the Art that has been handed down and used many generations ago by the ancestral warriors who defended their land to attain justice and freedom. UFC is more than just a sport, I visualize it as a gathering and commemoration of spiritual skills, a mere memoirs of our ancestral brothers who once sacrificed their lives for their people. LONG LIVE THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

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